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About Us

Family Foundation Services is here to support and encourage you and your family. We are a Christian Counseling Agency whose main focus is to show you sincerity, understanding, and empathy in your counseling sessions.

We understand that there are many ups and downs to being part of a family system and we can guide you and give you the wisdom to successfully manage those ups and downs. Here at Family Foundation Services we use a Strength Based Counseling Approach to helping you and those you love navigate through the difficult challenges of life.

Family Foundation Services specializes in family counseling, children & teen counseling, depression, and life planning. Please visit our Services page to see an extensive list of counseling services we provide. A healthy person and family are the backbone to a healthy community and we want to be part of developing a better, stronger, and healthier you. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Building Strong Families

The family is the foundation of the world. If the family is destroyed there is no hope for the future. The mission of Family Foundation Services is to build strong family foundations that will stand under the storms of life.

Our focus is to encourage the fathers to be a source of strength for their families and both mothers and fathers to love their children regardless of what may happen in the relationship.

We encourage young fathers to take on the responsibility of being a man and expand their knowledge on how to be a good father. We provide resources and a support group that will guide them when times get tough. We will stress getting an education and holding and maintaining a job. A young man and his child’s mother will learn how to co-parent and still provide some stability in the life of the child.

Our team.

Willie B. Williams Jr., LPC

Director-Lead Counselor

Mr. Williams has been counseling, preaching, and supporting families and individuals in need for over 30 years. He is a licensed professional counselor and an established Minister and Chaplin. He received his bachelors in Ministerial Studies from Southwestern Christian College and his Masters from Harding University. He completed his LPC certification through Texas A&M University-Commerce. Mr. Williams is passionate and dedicated to helping families and bringing peace and wisdom to any challenging situation.

He is also a father of four wonderful children and has been married to his lovely wife Flora for over 40 years.

Flora Williams

Senior Executive Administrator

Mrs. Williams brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Family Foundation services. She has over 20 years of administrative experience and she is very understanding and patient in handling any situation. She received her Associates in Business Management from Southwestern Christian College and her Bachelors from North Texas University in Sociology and Gerontology. Mrs. Williams is a true advocate and supporter of healthy living and she is more than happy to assist anyone who is in need.

Mrs. Williams greatest accomplishment is her four children and her loving marriage to her husband of over 40 years.

Family Foundation Services is Christian Counseling Agency that focuses on supporting and enriching our community. We provide classes, workshops, and seminars on parenting, emotional support, and building positive and successful relationships.

Insurance Accepted

Counseling Services

We work with all ages from 5 and up. If you or a family member needs support in any of these areas please give us a call today.


We host workshops on various topics that relate to mental health and personal wellness. Our workshop topics cover:

Senior Support Services

With this service we provide resources, information, advocacy, and referrals tailored for Seniors. This service is provided through our 2 Wings Sister Organization.

Dispute Resolution Services

Provide peaceful dispute resolutions and positive quality conflict management resources. Specialized in working with vulnerable and under-served communities that do not have access and/or funding to dispute resolution services.

Ombudsman Services


He is an excellent Counselor!
John Doe
He is an excellent Counselor!
John Doe
He is an excellent Counselor!
John Doe
He is an excellent Counselor!
John Doe